How do I not pick a book?

Recommendations, recommendations, recommendations…

You don’t want to read some dusty rubbish, so recommendations are the key.  But they don’t have to be in the usual form, friends are great but they will want to tell you something about the book, head them off.  So here’s a list of ideas, depending how brave you are!

  • Friends – but hold your hand up once they’ve given you the necessary details – or preferably the book, you can discuss it afterwards
  • Obscure book awards or old shortlists (Amazon are quite good for this, but I like the Commonwealth Book Prize – I’ve got a few of my BIBs – Blissfully Ignorant Books from there, see later post)
  • Libraries obviously, but spot the returns trolley or the trendy new displays (don’t be tempted to look) or ask a librarian for a book worth reading
  • Charity shops, try asking the assistant for a book they like or just pick a prominently displayed one whilst squinting 😉
  • Amazon book list 100 bestsellers , 100 most wished for or 100 movers and shakers where they haven’t categorised them too much.
  • Car boot sales, ask the seller to choose their favourite
  • Richard & Judy book club stickers on things, and this is great because you won’t have to have anything to do with R&J!  Some great books, worth reading but you don’t want all that flannel, perfect.
  • and finally looking at blogs (not too closely mind) like this one

I’ll update this list as other ways occur or as others suggest.

Quite a few of these involve talking to strangers, so the whole thing is probably character building to boot!

2 responses

  1. Oh, I know only too well number one on your list. I was speaking to a friend about a series that I wanted to read, and she just went ahead and spoiled the entire thing. Not. Impressed.
    I really like your list though, and will certainly think more along those lines the next time on the hunt for a book!

    1. Thanks for you interest.
      I’ve recommended this technique to a few friends and then suggested some books to read in this way. I almost had to put my hand over my mouth to stop me telling them why I thought it was so good. See this technique is good for self control too.
      Don’t hunt, stumble into.
      Let me know how you get on.

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