No More War!

That’s what I told myself after a spate of several years reading books about the war, mostly WWII.  I read some awful ones about the hopeless and senseless nature of war, which I found depressing.  I’m not averse to a bit of misery, but there needs to be a purpose and some of these books didn’t seem to have any other meaning.  I came to the end when I read The Visible World – Mark Z. Slouka and Winter in Madrid – C.J.Sansom, both thoroughly miserable.

I have however been impressed by Atonement – Ian McEwan for its very vivid depiction of war from several angles.

None of these books did I read Blissfully Ignorantly (see the rules).

However, I’ve read at least two books Blissfully Ignorantly which have turned out to be about war and thoroughly enjoyed (not sure if that’s the right word) them. Whilst reading them they were not obviously war books, but approached it obliquely, helping to understand how the current situation came about.  Great stuff.

So that is the beauty of this technique, it stops you pigeonholing yourself, taking you outside your comfort zone.

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