Do Intellectuals Read On The Toilet? Where do you read?


In discussion over lunchtime at work it seems that there are definitely two camps on the “reading on the toilet” debate.  Those who do, and those who think it is akin to devil worship.


Now I have no problem with this and enjoy a good read in the smallest room in the house.  (If you’re in the other camp please don’t unfollow me) It’s peaceful and quiet, I can lock the door and generally don’t get disturbed.  So I thought I’d look up some intellectuals who read on the loo!  You know sometimes how amazing the internet is?  You look up something pretty obscure and are inundated with 2,433,235 results.  This was not one of those fruitful searches, which is really surprising given that the BBC quotes a survey which said that

Nearly half (49%) of men admitted to reading while on the loo, compared with 26% of women.

do it!  That’s millions of people.  So they’re not ‘fessing up.  So I’ve decided to “out” some intellectuals who look like they’d all enjoy a good read in the toilet. (If you can name more than 5 I’ll give you a prize – I can’t… Malcolm Muggeridge? Charles Darwin? Sasha Distel? and is that one of the Chuckle Brothers?).



Intellectuals-2005b (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I would expect that the most popular place to read is in bed before going to sleep.  I enjoy this, but often have to get up and go and read in the living room because I’ve reached the point where the story is so exciting you can’t stop and there’s only a little bit more than you think you could read so you stay up late! And my wife wants to put the light out!

I also enjoy reading on the bus, when I’m not sitting with a friend, and if I’m eating on my own I’ll often read then.

The other classic reading place is on holiday.  So many people tell me that they are saving books for their holiday or only read when they’re on holiday.  I do stack them up on holiday, probably reading more.

I loved this quote

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.

The man who never reads lives only one

George R.R. Martin from this post A Thousand Lives





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