Listless? Not I #1


Matt Gemmell

Matt Gemmell (Photo credit: hellogeri)



I was really interested to see this post Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules for Writing and heard an interview on BBC Radio 4 with his son as Elmore has died.  I’d never encountered the list and found it thought provoking, amusing and little annoying in places.  So I considered writing my own list, I was then sent this post Writing Tips by Matt Gemmell – which I think says it all, I don’t think you could improve on the sense, humanity, humility and tone of this, and the links in this to the Guardian article are worth looking at too.  It seems that Elmore’s list has started a bit of a buzz in the media.


So I thought I’d have a go at list of rules for readers.   I don’t know how many I’ll come up with, I’ll add to them as I work them out.


1.  Don’t impose too many rules on yourself!


2.  Read widely.  Books are about expanding your view of the world so don’t give yourself too small a window.

3.  Read the classics when you’re younger.  Then you’ll know about them.




Going well – The threads of the story are coming together in a predictable but not obvious way.

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