What do you say to someone when they’ve finished a book?

I’ve just finished my latest BIB – The Collaborator (see below for  BiblioGraph and general comment).  I told my wife, because I’d stayed up late to finish it.  She seemed a bit non-plussed at what to say.  Should she say “Well done”, “Oh dear” or something else?  I think she settled on “Oh dear”, because I said I’d really enjoyed it.

I normally have quite a sense of achievement when I finish a book, so I suppose I was looking for some approval and congratulations.  I expect this is a hangover from first learning to read where success is measured by progress rather than quality (I remember children racing through the reading scheme, way ahead of me, and even at that time I remember feeling unimpressed and quite happy with my more sedate path through).  I also think I feel a sense of achievement because that’s one more book read, only 129,864,879 to go (am I really going to read every book ?  I think subconsciously that’s my plan, so please stop writing them whilst I catch up).

She wasn’t sure whether to commiserate or congratulate.  I know that sinking feeling too when a book is so good you almost don’t want it to end but you have to find out what happens. (Literary having your cake and eating it!)

So what do you say?

I suppose the best ones are

“Would you recommend it?”

“Was it good?”

“Have you got another one lined up?”


The Collaborator – Gerald Seymour.  Overall good.  I’m not needing a recovery period though (see Do you have a recovery period?).  I’d definitely read another book by Seymour, a well crafted book, it was quite a page turner at the end, hence the rapid upturn in the graph.  I’d never have picked this book up if it hadn’t been a BIB, but I’m glad I did.

What next?  Well uncharacteristically I’ve started reading a non-fiction book about body language.  I’ve also noticed that I’m writing this instead of reading.  So I’m making an effort to read more!

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