Is it just me, or is this compelling?


Someone in Singapore bought The Jolly Postman

Whilst following Black Friday deals I came across The Book Depository (it ran quite an interesting sale).  But what really got me interest was this..Book Depository Live.

It shows you which books are being bought by its customers on a world map

Someone in the UK bought Illywacker

Is it just me?  I love seeing which books are being bought.  Little stories go through my head as to who is buying and why.  It’s also great to see books in active selling.  Like being in a bookshop and seeing what people buy.  This is a worldwide customer base, so you get some curve balls in there, not just the latest top seller.

This might be a great way to choose/not choose a BIB.

Someone in Switzerland bought On Becoming Fearless

I think I should point out that I am not a Book Depository employee.




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