The Ethos, the rules, the challenge

The Ethos

Do you read a lot?  Are you ready for a new experience? 

Reading is great isn’t it?  I love reading, it gives me immense pleasure.  But I have discovered a technique that’s made it even more enjoyable.  You go on a reading journey with the characters in the book, who, as in real life, don’t know what’s coming, whether it’s a ghost or a murderer, happiness or misery.  This is relatively easy to do (see the rules), just try to read a book knowing nothing about it in advance.  Of course if you’re too well read or read all the reviews and have a fantastic memory you’re going to find this tricky.  But it’s worth it, I promise you.  You may not enjoy everything, but you will find some gems that end up in your list of top 10 books (which if you are like me has many more than 10 books in!).  This is not about reading lost or bad books, but about reading good books you wouldn’t normally read.

So read on and give it a try, it’ll take you to places you didn’t know you were interested in.

The Rules (ish)

Rules is probably too strong a word, but aspire too

  • choose a book on recommendation only (online, verbal etc, but no discussion until you’ve read the book)
  • don’t read the blurb
  • don’t look at the cover (tricky I know)
  • don’t read the author bio
  • don’t look it up on line
  • don’t look at the genre (very important this one I feel)
  • you don’t have to read the whole book if you are not enjoying it but…
  • read at least 20% of a book before you give up

Any other suggestions welcome.

The Challenge

I think I’ll let you know the title and the author.

This is probably easier with e-books.

I think blogging about this is going to be difficult.  I will have to be general and will not discuss a book in the same entry as I recommend it.  Then at least you can see the recommendations.  It would be great if others could recommend books that work well like this.  It would be interesting to see if there are particular authors or genres that lend themselves to this and some that do not.

Any questions feel free to contact me at:


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